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  • How to get unstuck from any place in your life and move freely again – how to get in the flow!
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You are at the right place, if you:


  • are confronted to take medications or need to make a decision for surgery given by the medical authority and they advice you to shed some weight.
  • feel heavy and low on energy and life seems to dim down.
  • want to finally heal FOREVER taking the load off your body feeling lighter, stronger, more flexible again – at ease.
  • long to stop treating symptoms and truly heal from dis-ease – on all levels and deeply.
  • wish to have your youth, strength, flexibility and power back without old baggage.
  • dream to be active and alive living your full Human Potential.


“There is a way to fuel your body from a source that you can easily access and it doesn’t costs you one cent!“


I have struggled with issue of chronic fatigue and myalgia since I was about 27 year old. The height of my illness was about 5-6 years ago when I was practically bed ridden.

My home was a mess, I was tired all the time, and even though I have exercised all my life and thought I ate relatively well, I was getting sicker and sicker.

Not only was my energy levels sneakily getting better over time, but I was starting to experience ‘life’s abundance’…I was experiencing a breakthrough from a cycling that all my alternative and traditional medical readings could not break me free from.

Within in two months, I was working full time and buying the home of my dreams (which ‘magically’ presented itself after a year of looking around).

The journey has been short thus far, but I look forward to continuing to learn from a really amazing person. She has the gift to heal and I am so happy to have Simone in my life!

Lots of love,
Becky Khan from Vancouver, WA


During a period of great depression, anxiety, and general uncertainty, a mutual friend suggested that I give Simone Shipp and Medical Qigong a try as an adjunct to traditional psychiatry, medications, and counseling.

Through our weekly phone conversations, homework, and exercises I learned some empowering, practical skills that I could use to affect the symptoms of depression and anxiety.  My favorite exercise is to smile into the mirror for three minutes three times per day.  On my darkest days when a smile seemed a thousand miles away this exercise reminded me that I was capable of smiling and in control of lifting my mood.

With Simone’s help I overcame unemployment, my significant other possibly leaving me, unstable mental health.  Now I am happily employed, my significant other is still with me because of the positive, lasting changes I have made, and I have began to enjoy again my passions: spending time with my family, fine art painting, hiking, fishing, my spiritual practice, and daily exercise.

Thank you Simone and Qigong!

Matthew St. from Oregon


Wow. I had no idea my physical and emotional health had gotten that bad – unrelenting headaches, chronic fatigue, fragile emotions, depression and a belief that I just couldn’t do one more thing, I realized I had to stop avoiding help and take the steps to heal myself.

Simone is a old-world professional practitioner trained by real, old-world masters. During our time together, she repeatedly caused energetic shifts in me that were just as noticeable as hearing my cell phone ringing. In other words, very real and observable effects. I continued doing the practices prescribed by Simone for months and am now considering going to study this form in China.

Working with Simone is the epitome of holistic; physical, mental and emotional healing that is measurable and maintainable. I am deeply grateful for having the honor of learning from her, and know that anyone who chooses to meet with her will feel the same.

Jennifer Broussard from Portland, OR


I had no physical problems that were calling to be healed, no impairments that were giving me any pain; yet that deep, quiet, calm was missing.
 After the session I felt more mental clarity and a calmness of vision that translated immediately into total-system energy boost. I believe that this energy work is increasingly becoming an integral part of all true healing modalities in this age of constant bombardment from environmental and emotional causes

I highly recommend this work and, in particular, the skill of Simone Shipp, to anyone experiencing pain, anxiety or a constant discomfort from the state of dis-ease before it is allowed to become a true debilitating disease in one’s life.

Francesca E. Blom-Cooper,
Polarity and Craniosacral Therapist, Portland, OR

“My life completely has shifted…
If I can do it…you can do it too.”

It’s time to release you from unnecessary pain and baggage that stops you from enjoying your life and play big. I’m a catalyst and detox specialist and can show you how you accelerate your healing process.

You are introduced to simple universal and natural principles. The application of those principles in daily life activities aids to really understand truth – you are guided to move from intellectual gathering of information to BEING that wisdom. You get access to greater confidence and flow in your life!

Peace and joy in one’s heart is easy to achieve when you know how to do it. It’s my pleasure to guide and support YOU in this “Life Changing Experience” discovering your innate healing power within so that you can rely on your own truth live authentically fulfilling your destination beyond your wildest dreams. More laughter, more joy, more bliss, more light – MORE YOU.

The YOU – you always have been looking for.

I look forward to sharing my best secrets to help you lose weight naturally and forever step by step, get out of pain, fast, and truly heal while growing stronger, healthier and younger!

Be inspired and open yourself receiving hope, healing and true power while in the blissful flow.

Much love and light,

Health Catalyst and Detox Specialist

Simone Shipp

BE the powerful YOU

in your family, your community, in the world.

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